Buying and ordering on our website is very quick and easy! Just follow the steps:

Select the desired product and quantity and add it to the shopping cart - Confirm and proceed to Checkout;

Fill out a simple form indicating: the billing address and / or delivery address; Choose the payment method (PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Multibanco Reference or Bank Transfer) and select the shipping method (

Review and submit the order.

If the total weight of your order is more than 2 kg, it will be divided into 2 or more parcels which will not affect the cost of shipping. You will receive the respective tracking numbers for each parcel in the shipping confirmation email.


1. Add products to the shopping cart

After adding a product to the shopping cart, you will be automatically redirected to your Shopping Cart page where you can see details about the products you want to order, such as their name, price and chosen quantity. Here, you can change the quantity or simply remove a particular item from your shopping cart as well as apply a discount coupon (be sure to click on the "Apply Coupon" button before proceeding to Checkout). You can continue with your purchases, and whenever you want to check them, you will find the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking on this icon, you can choose to proceed to checkout immediately or "View all", which will take you back to your shopping cart.

2. Completing the Checkout form

When all the products you want are already in your shopping cart, you can proceed to the Checkout page. Here, your purchase will be finalized after providing all the necessary information. You will have to confirm four types of information:

Address - Billing and shipping - if different (If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, you can use the "Send to the same address" option, leaving the box next to it, checked. If you want to provide a shipping address different shipping, just uncheck the box and provide the correct address);

Desired shipping method

Payment Method and

Purchase review.

Providing an incorrect or incomplete address may cause the order to be returned to Netnatura. Therefore, we recommend that the customer always ensure that the delivery address indicated when placing the order is correct and complete. If you want to correct or change the address, you should contact our support lines as soon as possible, indicating the correct address - preferably right at the initial contact to avoid wasting time. Please note that, in case you edit the shipping address in your account, after placing the order, the address will not be updated automatically in the order placed!

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the delivery address is ready to accept delivery of the order. Orders can be delivered to the customer's workplace, transportation companies, hotels, storage companies identified by the customer as authorized to take possession of the order on their behalf. Netnatuar Lda will not be able to refund any damaged merchandise after acceptance of the delivery, duly authorized, in any of the places mentioned above.

You should now choose the shipping method, and for Portugal, only regular mail is available.

The choice of payment method follows. Here, you will need to provide the details required for payment. Remember that your order will begin to be processed as soon as we receive payment. For more information, please see our Payment Methods.

3. Order review and submission

The last step is the checkout review, where all the information about your order is visible. This is the last moment when you can change the quantity of products already chosen, check the price (-s) and other important information.

If you are ready (-a) to place your order, just click on the green button in the lower right corner - "Checkout”. By submitting your order on our website (by clicking on the "Checkout" button), the customer agrees with Netnatutra conditions As soon as the order is registered in our system, we will send an automatic order confirmation email with your order number and other details. Wait for some time for the e-mail to arrive and always remember to check your SPAM folder, as your e-mail system can forward it there.

Registration / Account

On the Checkout page, below your billing address, you'll find an option to create an account that you can use later. You can create an account whenever you want by clicking on the "Login" button in the upper right corner of the page. If you have an account and are logged in while making the purchase, you can place the order faster, as all the requested information will be filled in automatically on the Page Checkout. The fact that you have an account means that you can check all the account information, edit it, check previous orders, check the status of orders, track, view invoices and more. Remember to make sure you are logged in while making your purchase - otherwise, the order you placed while signed out will not appear in your account information.

We reserve the right not to provide the service if, after completing the purchase, it is found that the product (-s) is not available - even if the corresponding transaction has been completed. In this case, the customer will be contacted immediately by us via email. We can offer other products in replacement, propose the shipment with some delay or make a full refund. The customer's payment will be refunded if the customer so decides. Any other claim against us will be excluded. We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery or any other delay in the event of a lack of customer response or late response.